Living Earth Teen Expeditions – Weekend Programs

Get Lost in Adventure & Find Yourself

Living Earth Teen Expeditions are the perfect blend of deep wilderness immersion, leadership development, team building and personal development.  Teens are growing up fast, lets get them immersed in meaningful experiences that build character and get them inspired on being alive! Our expeditions get teens outside immersed in the beautiful world of nature and steeped in something much bigger than themselves.

Does your teen need quality time in nature away from screens and a pause from their daily routine?

Are you ready to get your teen outside of their comfort zone and partaking in activities that expand their horizon and greater sense of wellbeing?

      ~Time Spent in Nature is Time Well Spent~

  • Learn the In’s and Out’s of adventuring: Choose River -or- Backpacking Expeditions
  • Gain the necessary skills to safely and competently navigate rivers or mountain wilderness trips
  • Get grounded and a gain a sense of adventure, that only time in remote wilderness can give
  • Thrive re-connecting with nature, sleeping under stars, getting exercise and getting inspired
  • Benefit from solid time with caring mentors, laughing and working together with other teens
  • Gain leadership skills and the courage to face challenges and grow, while building self confidence
  • Have the time of your life making new friends and creating valuable memories that will last a lifetime
  • Come out renewed and with an enlivened sense of being alive

Upcoming Teen School Year Weekend Expeditions

Past Teen School Year Weekend Expeditions

Teen Intro to Backpacking Weekend

April 9, 2022 @ 9:00 am - April 10, 2022 @ 5:00 pm