Overnight Nature Camps for Kids & Teens


Earth Roots

Overnight camps are coming back! Settle down, settle down, we are excited as well. We haven’t been able to run these favorite camps of the Living Earth community since the dawn of COVID, and are excited to continue the rich experience of LES overnights through this new rendition. We are only offering 3 weeks this summer, so don’t delay in registering.

Earth Roots is our foundational overnight camp, designed for both new and returning campers. Get back to your roots and learn the philosophy of living close to nature, wilderness survival, and how to nurture your connection to the earth. We will explore the surrounding forests and swim in wild water as we discover more about the magical world of nature, through building natural shelters, making fires without matches, and preparing wild plants for food.

During the day we craft, explore the wild and live the timeless good life of a summer in nature. In the evening, we gather around the central fire for stories of wild adventures, laughter, and music. At night, campers sleep in their own tent, either alone or with a friend. For meals, they cook in small groups to learn how to prepare nourishing food in an outdoor setting.

Campers learn independence, as well as to work cooperatively. They will make new friends. They will gain confidence in both living and feeling at home in the natural world. LES overnights are a safe place where kids can try new things and discover more about who they are.

Our residential / overnight camps include:

  • Tracking Wild Animals
  • Making Fire By Friction

  • Awareness Skills / Games

  • Wild Food Gathering

  • Safe Water Gathering

  • Spoon & Bowl Making

  • Adventuring / Exploring

  • Building Shelters

  • Wilderness Philosophy

  • Natural History

  • Learning Earth Based Crafts

  • Campfire Cooking

  • Swimming

  • Team building / Communication

  • Before
  • After

Living Earth Camps are located in the shadows of Shenandoah National Park, nestled in the mountains amongst forest, field, and river — a natural paradise with a lifetime worth of learning and exploration. We offer overnight camps for youth ages 10-17 years old.

Earth Roots is a prerequisite for the other overnight camps. Fire Tenders requires one year of Earth Roots, and Way of the Scout requires two years.

We are sure that the Earth Roots Summer camp will be an adventure your kids will never forget!

Overnight Earth Roots will return summer 2023!

Details & Registration – Earth Roots Overnight Camp 2023

  • Earth Roots 1: June 11 – 16faperson Ages 10 – 17
  • Earth Roots 2: June 18 – 23faperson Ages 10 – 17
  • Earth Roots 3: June 25 – 30 fapersonAges 11 – 17
  • Sunday 2pm arrival and pick up on Friday at noon.
  • Location TBA

  • $795

    Financial Assistance: We do have a growing Scholarship Fund for campers this summer thanks to generous donors! Please fill out this APPLICATION FORM to be considered for financial assistance. Scholarships are decided on a first-come first-serve basis and applicants will hear back within 3 weeks. We recommend applying before Jan 16, 2023. The application period ends March 20th, 2023.

  • All supplies will be included, other than the basic camping and clothing gear. We will send a what-to-bring list and details upon registration.
  • Free T-shirt included