Living Earth COVID-19 Policies

The safety and well-being of our community and staff is our first priority.

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As life with COVID-19 continues onward, we know that people need the vitality that comes from being outdoors with a learning community. We also know that our beloved LES families have many different personal experiences, beliefs and priorities regarding the virus. We have appreciated all of the kind communications we have received over the spring and summer sharing your thoughts, praises and frustrations with how we have proceeded with both online and in-person programming. As a business and as non-medical professionals, we are following the guidance put forth by the governor and the VA Department of Health. What we do know for certain is that since our programs are 100% outside, they offer a safer, more supportive environment than indoor activities.

I felt that my son was safe and that drop-off and pick-up procedures were spot on. I appreciate that you adapted and found ways to host outdoor camp in this unprecedented time. – Summer 2020 parent

What do LES programs look like during this time?

In-Person Programing with Precautions

Covid policies were handled extremely well! -Laurie

Our program capacity keeps us well within the guidelines outlined for schools in Virginia. We are committed to following state guidelines as closely as we can, while maintaining our core values of caring interactions and healthy boundaries with your kids. We make sure to frame this to participants as a new habit that will take reminders and practice. Here are the main differences in what programs will likely look like, based on the VA Department of Health guidelines for childcare and camps:

  • All homeschool staff are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.
  • Wearing a mask will be optional at programs starting March 21, 2022. Participants who wish to continue wearing masks at programs will be fully supported in their decision. Participants will be responsible for making that choice.
  • We are NOT maintaining small groups anymore as we mingle in groups often.

  • We DO play tag games now and students are no longer encouraged to maintain distance unless they have symptoms of anything contagious (or it’s part of a game).

  • Drop off will include symptom and packing list checks.
  • We will tweak and change our policies as we get more info from state, local and health authorities.

For a more thorough explanation of our policies, please read our

COVID-19 Program Protocols Document HERE

Thank you for being there for my boys. It means a lot to me, especially during the pandemic. – Rebekka

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Updated March 17, 2022