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This class is part of Peter Yencken’s 2023 Making Weekend.

With leather you can make beautiful, functional pieces of gear that will last for years.

You’ll learn how to design a piece, various stitching patterns, and the basics of leatherworking that you can apply to any future project you choose.


  • Like the idea of an intro leatherworking project? A small leather bag is versatile, and gives you space to try several stitching techniques. (One-day project).

  • For easy access you can also choose to make a leather messenger bag. Covering many of the same skills as the other leather projects, this is the perfect project for someone who wants a larger bag that’s easy to get things in and out of. (One-day project).

  • A leather backpack: Have you ever wanted to make your own backpack, big enough for a full-on backpacking trip? This weekend project will get you deep into the art of leatherworking. (Two-day project).

  • Leather shoes: Come make your own pair of leather shoes, an item you’ll use every day, made by hand, by you! How cool is that? (Two-day project).

Learn new skills, and make new friends. Leatherworking is just one of the projects Peter is offering this weekend, so you will be working alongside a number of other people making a number of different things!

Details & Registration – Leatherworking: Shoes, bags, and backpacks

  • May 20th-21st, 2023

  • Saturday & Sunday 9 am – 5 pm.

  • Ages: All! Most participants are adults, but all ages are welcome. Children must have a responsible adult with them if they cannot work alone.  Children under 8 are required to have an adult come and help get them settled and started on a project.

  • LES Base Camp, Afton

  • $120-$250

  • Participants need to bring: Weather-appropriate clothes, lunch.

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