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Do you remember being a child in the woods? That freedom to take off at a full sprint, no care in the world. You see a tree, so you climb it. At the top, you find a bird’s nest with eggs. You see a log, you jump over it only to find that there are troves of beautiful mushrooms growing just on the other side. Moving through the forest was easy, and it felt natural. Your body knew exactly what to do and when to move seamlessly through the environment. If you fell down, you popped right back up, not even missing a beat! I remember that feeling too, and I am positive we can all get back to that endless feeling of curiosity and love of movement.

Here’s what you can expect at a Strong in Nature class:

  • A short ground flow warm up: This can include sitting in various positions on the ground, moving from one position to another (transitions) smoothly and with ease, rolling, breathing, and reaching

  • Every class will have a different emphasis: Climbing/hanging skills, balancing, jumping, lifting + carrying, throwing, crawling, vaulting, traversing, and SO much more!

  • And finally each class will end with a combo: The combo is designed to build strength, mobility, endurance, efficiency, and adaptability

All classes will be outside in a small space that I have developed for practicing our Natural Movement skills. We may occasionally go on field trips to “the vaulting log” or other interesting natural features to test our skills adaptability to ever changing natural environments. Don’t worry! We have a backup indoor space if the weather is really rough. But mostly we will encourage our bodies to adapt to the environment with us, so come prepared for whatever the weather calls for (and prepare to get warm FAST).

These classes are for EVERY BODY! Do not be deterred if you feel as though you are starting from scratch. Everything can be modified, and everybody should move. And if you feel as though you are already a proficient mover; GREAT. Let’s expand your movement capabilities together. I bet you can do things you never realized you were capable of!

Hi! My name is Camille. I am a Level 2 MovNat Certified Trainer, and my mission is to help you get back to that carefree, childlike movement. Natural Movement changed my life: it healed my chronic pain, it taught me how to adapt to challenges both in my mind and body, it taught me to be curious and push my own edges, and it showed me how movement can connect us with nature on an even deeper level (or maybe just a different level). Unfortunately, a lot of us today have lost our ability to move in all the ways humans are designed to move, and my hope is to change that!

Details & Registration – Strong in Nature: MovNat Conditioning Series

  • Thursday, October 19th

    Monday, October 23rd

    Thursday, October 26th

    Monday, October 30th

    Thursday, November 2nd

    Monday, November 6th

    Thursday, November 9th

  • Mondays 5:30 – 6:30 pm

    • Please register by 5 PM the day of class. If you register after 5 PM, please refer to the confirmation email.

    Thursdays 7:30 – 8:30 am

    • Please register by 5 PM the night before class. If you register after 5 PM, please refer to the confirmation email. 
  • Ages: 14 – 88

  • North Rivanna Trail, Charlottesville

  • $20 per class

  • Water, secure backpack, yoga mat, and blanket

  • Please check the confirmation email following registration for details about exact location and equipment. If you registered after 5 PM, please refer to the confirmation email for our protocol.  

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