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June 2023 Nature Mission


Connect to your body and the land through movement. If you are like me, you usually move unconsciously. Often in nature we can feel a bit clumsy, even out of place. Yet your body is designed to move and flow with the land. Working on your balance ... > Read More

June 2023 Nature Mission2023-06-22T09:58:09-04:00

May 2023 Nature Mission


Life moves pretty fast. The rains and soil burst with so much growth it is mind-boggling every year to me. I returned recently from the Sonoran Desert in Arizona. A lovely place indeed, but it makes me appreciate how different a landscape can be based on the ... > Read More

May 2023 Nature Mission2023-05-15T15:19:16-04:00

April 2023 Nature Mission


This time of the year the earth just feels like it is glowing. Happy spring everyone. The kaleidoscope of greens that are quickly painting the earth are so vibrant. Energy is moving upward into the plants, and even us humans feel like we have more vitality in our ... > Read More

April 2023 Nature Mission2023-05-15T15:17:03-04:00

March 2023 Nature Mission


Here comes spring time. Are you excited? Do you feel the desire like I do to be outside more? After a long winter, spring is such an uplifting time to be in nature with plants coming out seemingly daily to grow and flower, insects buzzing around, warm days, ... > Read More

March 2023 Nature Mission2023-05-15T14:33:31-04:00
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